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EzFind: literal strings that cannot be found

EzFind: literal strings that cannot be found

Thursday 13 October 2011 12:05:03 am - 3 replies

In our data, we found that some simple searches fail. One example is an article with the phrase "take time to be a dad".

You search on "dad," this article is found just fine. You search on the whole phrase, the search returns 0 results.

Another example is the phrase "conclude with the tagline." You search on "conclude tagline," you can find it. You search on the whole phrase, you get nothing back.

If you switch to standard search (from ez's ezpublish search), these strings get found. But that has other ramifications I'd rather not deal with.

This has something to do with how stop words are treated, but I have no idea how to "fix" that. Any thoughts?

Thursday 13 October 2011 3:18:26 am

Hello Miro,

Welcome to the eZ Community!
I've done something like this before but it has been a while and I don't have records of just how I solved this problem offhand. Though I did come up with an idea that might be helpful. 


I wonder if these settings in your siteaccess site.ini.append.php might help

# Only use stop words if total objects is greater than StopWordThresholdValue
# Do not search words which are present in more than StopWordThresholdPercent % of total objects

I hope this helps... remember you will have to do a "clean" reindexing of your eZ Publish search engine indexes data and clear cache for these changes to take affect. You should best use this script to do this ...

EDIT: Apologies I over looked you mentioning ezfind, which if you are truely using you should instead index with this script provided by the ezfind extension,

Also here are some related forum threads,  and



Modified on Thursday 13 October 2011 8:11:23 am by // Heath

Thursday 13 October 2011 12:17:26 pm

If you haven't already done so in ezfind.ini.append.php, set this and then reindex:


Friday 14 October 2011 4:58:35 pm

Tried both items, but neither worked. The only thing that seems to get me results is going with standard handler, as opposed to ezpublish one.

This is a totally vanilla eZCommunity 2011.6, with the standard ezfind/solr/etc.


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