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ezfind / multiple versions on 1 server?

ezfind / multiple versions on 1 server?

Monday 04 July 2011 11:11:02 pm - 1 reply


I've a server with several ez installations, most 4.4, some 4.5 (community edition).

My problem: ezfind isn't working properly.

Solr is running within a 4.4 installation. At one 4.5 installation I can't reindex the content because I am getting a lot of error messages (cant index objext xxx). So I took the ezfind extension of 4.4 and copied it into the 4.5 installation.

Now - after a reindex - the frontend search returns a result at the 4.5 installation, but the backend search delivers no results.

Is there any way to mix ez find versions on one server correctly only using 1 solr instance?

Tuesday 05 July 2011 12:29:05 am

Hello Georg

Do not mix them on the same Solr core, mainly schema.xml changes will cause trouble

You could use different Solr cores for eZP 4.4 and eZP 4.5, each with its own schema.xml and other config files corresponding to the eZ Find version you are using.

Newer versions will use Solr 3.x, so then the above mix does not apply anymore

So best use the Solr version related to the eZ Find version

Best regards



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