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ezfind running as a service on Solaris

ezfind running as a service on Solaris

Friday 16 January 2015 11:03:56 am - 1 reply

Hi ,

We have installed ezfind on solaris 10, it is working fine, but we need to run it as a service, 

having search for a script like the ones for Linux without success, does anyone has implemented ?

Kind Regards 

Friday 16 January 2015 3:29:34 pm

Hello Lazaro,

I know your looking for an existing solution prewritten but in case one does not emerge.

You should be able to easily write one based on even the most basic existing solaris init script and customizing to match the existing provided linux based scripts.

After looking into solaris 10 service scripts it seems they consider init scripts legacy and use a different method.

This might help use the non-legacy method to create a new service

If legacy is ok, here is a simple blog about it,

I don't have quick access to a solaris 10 instance or I'd help write one but I will say I usually base my init scripts off of say an existing ssh script (though it's been ages since I've had to write one).

I hope this helps!




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