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EZflow block Valid Nodes

EZflow block Valid Nodes

Thursday 15 April 2010 12:14:50 am - 2 replies

I need to fetch the valid_nodes in a block priority basis instead of default publish date.When I loop over $block.valid_nodes , now its displaying based on publish date. I need to change it to is it possible?



Thursday 15 April 2010 10:36:15 am

You should not try to alter the priority within the template, but rather within the function that is used to put the nodes in the block queue.

This involves creating a new block fetch function. In its results array, the ts_publication variable is the one that can be used to do the propert sorting, albeit in a 'hackish' mode.

Here's the code:

class allchildren extends eZFlowFetchInterface {
    /*** we return all the children when some content has changed in the subtree of the param node
     * It expects the params from block:
     * Source int a NodeId
     * Class string a ';' separated list of classes for the grouping (optional, if not given all classes are taken into account)
     * @todo add a parameter to specify the min, max depth to the fetch?
    public function fetch( $parameters, $publishedAfter, $publishedBeforeOrAt )
        if ( isset( $parameters['Source'] ) )
            $nodeID = $parameters['Source'];
            //selection of the parent node with his attribute. This way, we can sort the children same as the back office order
            $nodeSource = eZContentObjectTreeNode::fetch( $nodeID );
            $sortBy = eZContentObjectTreeNode::sortArrayBySortFieldAndSortOrder($nodeSource->attribute('sort_field'), $nodeSource->attribute('sort_order'));
            $subTreeParameters = array();
            $subTreeParameters['AsObject'] = false;
            $subTreeParameters['Depth'] = 1;
            $subTreeParameters['SortBy'] = $sortBy[0];
            // $subTreeParameters['IgnoreVisibility'] = false;
            $subTreeParameters['AttributeFilter'] = array(
                    array( 'modified', '>', $publishedAfter ),
                    array( 'modified', '<=', $publishedBeforeOrAt )
            if ( isset( $parameters['Class'] ) && $parameters['Class'] != "" )
                $subTreeParameters['ClassFilterType'] = 'include';
                $subTreeParameters['ClassFilterArray'] = explode( ';', $parameters['Class'] );
            $result = eZContentObjectTreeNode::subTreeByNodeID( $subTreeParameters, $nodeID );
            $fetchResult = array();
             * ezFlow stores the result ($fetchResult[]) in a table. The results are sorted by the ts_publication.
             * For having the same order than the back office, it's mandatory to modify the ts_publication of each item of the $fetchResult.
             * It's done by using the $timeTest variable.
            $timeTest = time()-(3600*24);
            if ( count( $result ) )
                foreach( $result as $item )
                    if( !$item['is_invisible'] )
                    $fetchResult[] = array(  'object_id' => $item['contentobject_id'],
                                             'node_id' => $item['node_id'],
                                             'ts_publication' => $timeTest-- ); //$item['published']
            return $fetchResult;
            /// @todo log error!
            return array();

Modified on Thursday 15 April 2010 5:34:12 pm by Nicolas Pastorino

Wednesday 19 December 2012 11:57:48 am

I really don't get this: why is the result array sorted twice?

 It is straightforward to pass sort parameters to the subtreeparameters, but what is the function of the ts_publication item? It should be possible to sort block items by attribute values.


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