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Monday 12 March 2012 2:13:07 pm - 3 replies

how to do to display the google map on a new page with a link View Larger Map?thanks

Tuesday 13 March 2012 6:01:14 pm

Hi Aurelie, 

i would be glad about to help you. But if you could provide some more information i could answer much more in depth.

  • Do you mean Backend content editor? 
  • Do you mean in a template/extension/ etc? 

By default I would answer:

With HTML, CSS and Javascript.

But that leads nowhere blunk.gif Emoticon 

Tell me more! 

Best Chris

Wednesday 14 March 2012 9:40:53 am

Thank you for taking some time to answer me.

I use the extension EZgmaplocation and I want to overload the .tpl to display the google map in full screen. How can I do? what code should I use?
Thank you for your help

Wednesday 14 March 2012 1:34:13 pm

Hi Aurelie,

you should create a override in your override.ini.append.php and then define a new tpl which display the map in a given size. I'm not sure where to start exactly.

You could provide a link 'larger map' to a full view version of your tpl.

Is your question about the templating-system,overrides or EZgmaplocation?

Best Chris


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