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ezgmaplocation ezPublish 4.2

ezgmaplocation ezPublish 4.2

Saturday 30 January 2010 9:05:42 pm - 4 replies

Hi All,

I just upgraded from ez 4.0.1 to ez 4.2. Yet gmaplocation does not work anymore. Does anyone know how to upgrade gmaplocation to ezgmaplocation?



Sunday 31 January 2010 8:47:16 am

Hi Anita,

I found the following and It might be what you are looking for:

"...This scripts migrates data from old ezgmaplocation datatype ( tested with v0.5) to a new officially supported ezgmaplocation datatype (v1.0)..."

Regards Robin

Modified on Sunday 31 January 2010 8:49:18 am by Robin Muilwijk

Sunday 31 January 2010 9:13:07 am

Hi Robin,

Thanks a lot, I definitely will try your script (yet probably not today as I'm still mentally recovering from yesterday's upgrade marthon).

I managed to get the old gmaplocation to run. The ezxml stuff was missing in lib, so I added it and had to include to header files (uncomment) in one of those php files.

However, I definitely will switch to the core ezgmaplocation and let you know. Btw, still looking for easy PDF generation. Are there any efforts to improve the core functionality as well?

Many thanks.


Sunday 31 January 2010 7:56:57 pm

Anyone from the eZ Crew that can answer Anita's last question regarding PDF?

Thanks, Robin

Tuesday 02 February 2010 5:55:59 pm

Should better be a new thread ....

Unfortunately, there are no firm plans now. It is on our todo list, but no allocation of resources to do it yet

The basic idea is to use ezcDocument

In teh meantime, have a look here:




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