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ezjscore how to call the run function from javascript

ezjscore how to call the run function from javascript

Friday 08 October 2010 10:15:46 am - 1 reply

Hi. I have sucessfully created my own ezjscore ajax functions using call /<my-class>::<myfunciton>.

My problem is that i would like to be able to use the run/content/view/full/nodeid part from javascript, but i am not sure how i would do this. i use jquery $.ez('mycalling'),'',function(data){ /*handleincoming data*/ }

Could someone help me out with the syntax so i can use the run function from ezjscore, or if that is not possible, allow me to return the content/view/full template.

If possible i would prefer not creating my own function to do this as it works when running ezjscore/run/content/view/full

Friday 08 October 2010 4:53:51 pm

Something like

jQuery.get(jQuery.ez.url + 'run/content/view/full/'+ nodeId, function(data){} );

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