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ezmbpaex : admin template outdated ?

ezmbpaex : admin template outdated ?

Friday 12 September 2014 3:10:42 pm - 1 reply

Hi there !

I had a problem on one website where the Back-Office user and user_group views were broken.

After investigations, I noticed that since ez5, admin design is "admin" again and no longer "admin2", ezmbpaex's "admin"  template "node/view/full_caching_disabled.tpl" seems to be outdated and causing this error.

Replacing it with the "admin2" version seems to have corrected the error.

Am I the only one to have experienced this ?

Thanks !

Friday 19 September 2014 3:52:12 am

Hello Pierre,

The issue you reported was just recently addressed via massive pull request changes!


Issue: https://jira.ez.no/browse/EZP-23350

PR: https://github.com/ezsystems/ezmbpaex/pull/9

Changes: https://github.com/ezsystems/ezmbpaex/commit/236415f9534c0ba4f4c8d4df049fbea567090bc5


If you have any issues like this in the future please feel free to report them in http://jira.ez.no or if you prefer here in the forums though issues reported to the jira will get noticed and fixed more quickly while posting here in the forums you may not get a speedy response at times.


I hope this helps! You are not alone happy.gif Emoticon




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