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ezodoscope install

ezodoscope install

Tuesday 07 February 2012 10:11:21 pm - 1 reply

i have a premium contract but i can't install ez_network : who cans help me to install ezodoscope in my ezpublish install

i have some in ez4.5 and ez4.2

i know tnhat the extension is written for ez4.5 but i need it on ez4.2 so i want to acces ezodoscope and i will backport it to ez4.2


thanks for your help


Sunday 11 March 2012 2:22:54 pm

Hi travauxwe, 

i could give you assistance if you like/need. Just give me pm or something.

But to give an answer on your problem you maybe cannot avoid updating your system from 4.2 to 4.6.

There were some serious changes in the backend and REST API, sothat it can be a little complicated to force ezodoscope to work in eZpublish 4.2. So updating will  unfortunately necessary. But i can assist you also doing that. Or you check out on of those nice maintained pages on

Hope this will help you a little. Please update us on how you solved your problem.

Best Chris 


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