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Ezoe doesn't save custom styles

Ezoe doesn't save custom styles

Thursday 11 November 2010 12:56:30 pm - 2 replies


I added the "styleselect" on TinyMCE editor because I need some custom styles. In ezoe.ini I edited the row:




and now I can see the custom styles (sub, sup, break, etc.). Unfortunately, when I choose one of these styles and I save the post, all these styles aren't saved.

What could be the problem?

Thursday 11 November 2010 1:34:08 pm

Only the plugins mentioned in ezoe.ini are known to work, the reason is that eZ Publish stores this as ezxml which has a strict content vs design separation and thus does not support inline styles unless you implement it your self with custom tags / attributes (see and ezoe_attributes.ini).

Thursday 11 November 2010 3:13:40 pm

I resolved the problem, I think it's a bug of TynyMCE.

So, I'd already enabled custom styles in content.ini but in Google Chrome if styles have capital letters, it doesn't work.

For example, one of default styles is pRed with the letter "r" capitalized. If you use Google Chrome, it loads styles with lowercase letters (pred) and this style isn't created in the content.ini, so eZ doesn't save it.


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