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eZOE - multiple custom tags and editing

eZOE - multiple custom tags and editing

Tuesday 28 June 2011 5:02:35 pm - 2 replies

Hi! I have one setup where custom tags are used quite extensively. It's not uncommon to have like 10 custom tags (block style and inline) in one single XML field. Now, when the field is being edited using the online editor it seems impossible to reorder those tags. Especially when they are right next to each other, I can't get my cursor inbetween and add some whitespace without disabling the editor.

Another problem I am experiencing is with images inside custom tags. This is more or less the same problem: I can't add white space before an image inside a custom tag.

I wonder if other people are experiencing similar problems and maybe know a solution? If not, I might fill a bugreport because it can be quite annoying for editors.

Tuesday 28 June 2011 5:14:27 pm

Hi Sander,

I know there are some issues like that in TinyMCE/Online Editor that are often difficult to reproduce. If you are able to reproduce those problems, please open the relevant bugs on the issue tracker. Don't forget to be precise enough on the used browser btw.


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Tuesday 28 June 2011 5:31:12 pm

Ok, the first one is easy to reproduce, I filed a report for it (#018419). The second one seems to be working fine locally. Funny. Will look into that some more soon.


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