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ezwebin - top menu set ..?

ezwebin - top menu set ..?

Thursday 01 July 2010 10:04:00 am - 2 replies


some time ago, when using persistent variable to set menus in frontend I noticed the following: when using ezpagedata_set(), the top menu cannot be set (remains at flat-top default value from settings), and using persistent variable array does not always work, and also, using both in the same page do not work either (persistent for top menu and operator for the rest). So, we decided on using the operator only, and check that problem is denying us the change of top menu template. I found that being unable to change the top menu with ezpagedata_set() operator is caused by code in ezpagedata.php script in ezwebin extension (autoloads/ezpagedata.php) at [299], where we have $pageData['top_menu'] = $persistent['top_menu']; instead of $pageData['top_menu'] = $parameters['top_menu']; as we have in code for the other pagedata "parameters" (which thus are settable by the operator).

Is this difference on purpose done, and if yes - why? - or is just a miss in code? Change of $persistent with $parameters is making perfect sense and operator successfully sets the top_menu variable to my desired string (or array if you fix the topmenu template to be as left/extra menu templates to make usage of more than one menu listed in array).



Thursday 01 July 2010 10:45:01 am


Thursday 01 July 2010 3:54:51 pm

Thanks, André! Much appreciated!



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