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ezxmlinstaller: main_node_id unknown in namespace ''

ezxmlinstaller: main_node_id unknown in namespace ''

Thursday 05 July 2012 11:42:43 pm - 1 reply

hi all,

I altered a script to be used with ezxmlinstaller as follows:

{set $tpl_info = hash( 

'main_node_id', hash( 'info',     'Node ID of the teamroom'|i18n('ezteamroom/creation'),                              'type',     'integer'                            ),       

'owner_object_id',  hash( 'info',     'ObjectID of the teamroom owner'|i18n('ezteamroom/creation'),                                  'type',     'integer'                            )                           

{def      $publicSectionID = ezini( 'TeamroomSettings', 'PublicSectionID', 'teamroom.ini' )     

$class_identifier_map = ezini( 'TeamroomSettings', 'ClassIdentifiersMap', 'teamroom.ini' )}
{set-block variable='xml_data'}
    <ProccessInformation comment="Create content" />    <CreateContent parentNode="{$main_node_id}">






I also have enabled settings for development as seen on

I then attached a "feature select" attribute to the class I wish to have the script executed with. When I view a content object I get the following error:

Unknown template variable 'main_node_id' in namespace ''

Thus the script cannot work. I'd appreciate very much any hints for finding a solution.

Best wishes


Modified on Thursday 05 July 2012 11:47:30 pm by Sebastian Schoeller

Friday 06 July 2012 6:53:43 pm

found the mistake. Error in XML sequence. Found it after running script manually. Sorry to bother.
Best wishes


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