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Fetchbooks for eZP 4.6?

Fetchbooks for eZP 4.6?

Wednesday 25 April 2012 4:03:58 pm - 4 replies

I've upgraded a site from an older version to 4.6 (ergo from PHP4 to PHP5). This site uses an extension called Fetchbooks that doesn't work with 4.6. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems that this is a custom extension, although I'm unable to find any information on it. Does anyone know if this extension is still active?

Modified on Thursday 03 May 2012 2:49:59 pm by Fredrik Tidemann

Wednesday 25 April 2012 4:57:29 pm


i'm afraid this is not an extension by ezsystems.  I didn't heard of it .

But , you can perhaps correct it if you need it.

Is this extension confidential ?

if not , feel free to ask questions about the correction.

here is my first questions :

how do you know that the extension is not working ?

do you have log of the error ?


See you








Thursday 26 April 2012 8:37:21 am

Maybe it's not developed by eZ Systems after all, but still it's a pretty thorough extension. It provides a fetch that somehow relates between books and authors. 

 {def list_items=fetch( 'fetchbooks', 'list', hash( parent_node_id, $node.node_id,... etc

Although I only get a blank page with a ton of PHP-errors in the debug-output, e.g:

Non-static method FetchBooks::subTree() should not be called statically, assuming $this from incompatible context in /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/xxx/ezpublish-4.6.0/extension/fetchbooks/modules/fetchbooks/fetchbooksfunctioncollection.php on line 86

I was hoping that someone might know of an upgraded version.

Modified on Thursday 26 April 2012 8:38:22 am by Fredrik Tidemann

Thursday 26 April 2012 9:01:24 am

HI.  You have a few  fronts you need to consider since you have two major things that are upgraded - PHP and eZ Publish:


PHP - OOP changes

You mention that you went form PHP4 to PHP5

PHP4 -> PHP5 = major changes in PHP OOP

Then, PHP52.x ->PHP5.3x = more (strict) changes in PHP OOP

There are probably just a few lines in the overall code that need to be re-factored in order to work with the newer version of PHP.  If you have some PHP experience,  consider your log file and make the changes to the PHP code. The messages there are fairly direct, even pointing to the line numbers. You can even find references online about upgrading code fromPHP4 to PHP5

PHP - default settings changes

Although the log above looks like a few items to change in the OOP code, another item consider is possible changes in your new default PHP config: Calltime pass by reference may be set to 'off', but needed - but a message would have shown this. order of parameters for global varrs, etc.  If the PHP code is old, things like this may have been used sad.gif Emoticon

eZ Publish incompatibilities

Although much time seems to be takent o make sure as much of EZP is backwards compatible, it is possible that the extnsion references something no longer available in eZ Publish.  If your Apache logs are finally cleaned of obvious messages refering to code and you still have issues, it could be failing withing the code that interacts with eZ Publish.  This is more difficult to find as there is often no Apache error message and you may or may not find a message in the ezPublish logs depending on how it dies.




Thursday 26 April 2012 2:38:36 pm

Thanks for the thorough reply. I've manged to use the regular content fetch to display the same datas as the fetchbooks extension previously did on 3.x. I recon that this extension was developed to do things that are now native in newer versions.


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