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Flip images

Flip images

Tuesday 13 March 2012 2:16:10 pm - 2 replies


anyone knows were I can find a javascript plugin to flip images? I've found one in this page

but i didn't like how the image flips.

I am searching for a transition like the one in this website:

Maybe the developer of messaggio could help since it is an ez publish site.


Appreciated for your help.


Tuesday 13 March 2012 3:22:22 pm

Hi Ricardo,

i think the developer used yui (yahoo's javascript engine).

If you checked the source it is about line 6000 in the compressed JS witch deals with that. But nevertheless its not very helpful.

As eZ comes with jQuery by default you maybe should stay with this decision and try one of those examples i found:



Depends ony you're choice which one you prefer.I hope i could help you.

Best Chris

Tuesday 13 March 2012 3:45:57 pm


Thank you Christoph,

I will choose one implementation and continue with my development.



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