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Front end bookmarks

Front end bookmarks

Tuesday 11 January 2011 2:20:34 pm - 2 replies

Is there any bookmark extension for the front end? It would be basically the same extensions like the on in the administration interface, but available for any user...

What would the best and fastest approach? Where is the bookmark extension used for the admin interface? Maybe I should just duplicate that one and change the way it can be accessed (so that any user can access it with a specific link).

Tuesday 11 January 2011 4:51:16 pm

Have you tried using the bookmarking system from the frontoffice ? There is no reason why it wouldn't work...

Tuesday 11 January 2011 5:26:55 pm

From the frontoffice meaning the browser bookmarks?

Well... there are some issues like the fact that most users i know from my country are not using that menu (maybe the bad translation or lack of skill).

Also, there are some things that it does not do, like ordering the link by popularity (it's easier when most commonly accessed links are the first in the list), notifying at change at content (for example, when bookmarking a wiki page, it would be nice fast if the page was updated and the same applies for forums, forum subjects and so on) (there are some alternatives like RSS, e-mail notifications but... the more alternatives, the better) and so on.

Third and not the least, this is a way of seeing popular quality content (the site will contain some pretty complex tutorials), user preferences and the way the website is being used. Of course, there are several ways of doing this, but the more tools the better the results.


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