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How to export a project into a package?

How to export a project into a package?

Friday 25 July 2008 11:49:19 am - 2 replies

When i finish a project by ezpublish.After that, i want to export this as a package and import it into another server machine?
Can it exported into packages?
How can me export it into package?and if i can do this, How many parts should it contains?

Friday 25 July 2008 1:25:01 pm

Yes, you can export a project in eZ Publish.

Login to the admin panel then go to Setup > Packages then click the "Create New Package" button.

I've only ever used it to export content objects, but i believe you can export extensions etc...

Hope this helps,


Monday 28 July 2008 5:06:22 am

Thanks ..james happy.gif Emoticon

I have no project experiences in ezpublish. so i really want to know what are the steps of developing a new project. This puzzles me usually.
Should i make the project all by the extension (just as the following : ez/extension/test_extension )or sometimes we should use the directory : 'ez/design/plain_site' ?if we do not need to use 'ez/design/plain_site', how can we add some images in the template through the background?
And does somebody have the document of using ez to develop a project?could you please help to send me a copy?Thanks very much.
My directory is as following:

and my email is

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