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Install EzTeamRoom

Install EzTeamRoom

Tuesday 27 April 2010 11:38:43 am - 3 replies


i try to install ezteamroom on my ezpublish website 4.3.
I create the tables for ezlightbox and ezevents and i run the script in my ez root folder :

php extension/ezxmlinstaller/bin/php/xmlinstaller.php --template=teamroom/installezteamroom --siteaccess=site

the command line show me :

Using siteaccess "site" for installation from XML

but it don't display anything else, and the script doesnt stop.


thanks for help

Tuesday 27 April 2010 12:00:10 pm

i replacein extesion/ezxmlinstaller/classes/ezpreparexml.php

$value = eZPrepareXML::getUserInput( "Please enter \"" . $query . "\" (" . $default . "blunk.gif Emoticon: ", $default );


$value = $default;

Tuesday 27 April 2010 12:00:45 pm

and it works

Tuesday 27 April 2010 1:58:12 pm

Hi, and welcome to the eZ Community !

At first glance, it looks like a bug. You may want to search for related issues, or create a new one there :

Cheers !


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