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installation of xrowecommerce - errors

installation of xrowecommerce - errors

Thursday 04 November 2010 9:20:00 pm - 1 reply

When installing xrowecommerce I ran into several problems:

1. file xrowecommerceinstaller.php not start - allegedly for lack of access rights - even though I have admin (at both the server and in the eZ Publish)

2. because wasn┬Ęt possible to perform the installation using a xrowecommerceinstaller.php I went into manual installation, which eventually, after many peripetia succeeded (the installation was interrupted or terminated with error messages, for example

Installation package 'xrowecommerce_content'.
Can't install object 'Cheese Dairy': Unable to fetch class with remoteID: 22243c0713ad34c34e8e5875c251a47a.
Element with ID '605b8820a487a4fe6d75e7d137830180' will not be installed.

Installation package 'xrowecommerce_content'.

Can't install object 'Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consetetur sadipscing elitr,': Unable to fetch class with remoteID: 3f2919e4797fbaffaa0c7ff8f8248d07.

Element with ID 'd24a91eec1990510612fe79f6c39249b' will not be installed.

and after several reboots and cache cleaning).
There is not any conflict between verzeni extensions? Version extensions installed when you install eZ Publish version March 4 or April 4 are higher than the version in the ""

3. after installation, even if all components are installed, missing the top menu choice shop, after adjusting the settings according to the source code file xrowecommerceinstaller.php is displayed with limited functionality only shop of eZ Publish.
Please advice and help.
Thank you.


Friday 05 November 2010 8:59:45 am


You may want to follow-up on the ping in the project's forums there :



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