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Integration of ezmultiupload in the Front with ezjscore and Ajax call

Integration of ezmultiupload in the Front with ezjscore and Ajax call

Tuesday 03 May 2011 10:42:38 am


I am newbie in ez publish, and I do not know if the appropriate place to ask these questions..

I discovered the module ezmultiupload and I would like to use it for my website without toolbar ezwebin but directly on the site by overriding the template: extension/ezmultiupload/design/standard/templates/parts/websitetoolbar/ezmultiupload.tpl . in my website design.

And an ajax call for ezmultiupload module using /ezjscore/run/ezmultiupload/upload/',$parent_node.node_id .

But it does not work. I just see the titles and buttons of the ezmultiupload interface But no actions of ezmultiupload.js.

Here is my new ezmultiupload.tpl in my desing extension:

{ezscript_require( 'ezjsc::yui2' )}
{ezcss_require( 'ezmultiupload.css' )}
<div id="ezmultiupload" class="ezmultiupload"> 
 Waiting for ezjscore ajax call... (See FAQ if you get script error and / or nothing happens! hint: permissions )</div>
<script type="text/javascript">
<!-- // This function is executed when all YUI 2.x components are available
YUILoader.onSuccess = function() { {/literal}   
// A ezjscore server call   
   var serverCall = "{concat('/ezjscore/run/ezmultiupload/upload/',68)|ezurl( 'no' )}"; 
   var ezmultiuploadpath = "{'javascript/ezmultiupload.js'|ezdesign( 'no' )}";
// POST parameters send along with XHR request   
var data = "arg1=hi!";
    YAHOO.util.Connect.asyncRequest( "POST", serverCall,  { 
      success: function (o)         {       YUILoader.addModule({     
              name: 'ezmultiupload',                 
              type: 'js',                   
              fullpath: 'ezmultiuploadpath',     
              requires: ["utilities", "json", "uploader"],                   
              after: ["uploader"],                   
              skinnable: false                });               
if ( o.responseText !== undefined )          
  { YAHOO.util.Dom.get("ezmultiupload").innerHTML = o.responseText; }}}, data );}
// Load DOM and Connection components
// Insert YUI 2.x components on page

I do the inlude of this template in some div.
I think that it will be helpful for a lot of developers whom want to use this extension in front office.

Thanks for your help.


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