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Is it possible to use ezoe for non-content editing templates?

Is it possible to use ezoe for non-content editing templates?

Thursday 02 February 2012 1:32:19 am - 2 replies

Hi All,

Just want to check if it's possible to re-use the ezoe for non-content editing templates?

For example, if we develop a new extension that has a form view - foo_module/a_test_form and we want to enable ezoe for a textarea field in the form, is it possible?

Please be noticed that the form is not a content editing form, not an information collector form, it's just a tailor-made form as following and it could be used for anything.

<form ... >
<textarea name="rich_text_from_the_user" />
<input type="submit" name="Send"></form>

Kind regards,


Thursday 02 February 2012 1:57:11 am

Hi Michael

I looked into this a long time ago, but I doubt it's changed.  I found that the OE was heavily coupled with the content model and that it wasn't practical to reuse in non content object related scenarios. 


Thursday 02 February 2012 3:09:35 pm

Hi Bruce,

Thanks for your reply.

Looks like the only solution is to integrate the TinyCE by ourselves. But at least, it's not complicated as long as we don't need support embed object and file uploading.

Kind regards,



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