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Is there an extension to the User Profile

Is there an extension to the User Profile

Wednesday 06 May 2015 9:49:37 pm - 3 replies


Does anybdy know of an extension to extend the User Profile?

I am trying to find a simple way of setting up User Profiles initially for just a handful of Users. I am thinking of something for a band where each musician has his own profile viewable to fans, but each member can update their own profile, add videos, add articles and photos etc.

Ideally everybodys photos would show in a photo section / videos in a video section as well, and a latest articles page.

I would like it extendable if possible, but I have not found anything that does any of this as yet.

I suppose the best example of something similar that already exists in EZ already is where you log in and your profile shows your latest contributions, but your contributions can also be seen in the various forum pages as well


This may already exist and I have not come across it yet.I am aiming to keep coding to a minimum for this so that I can concentrate on the styling, but if there is coding to be done then any guidance on where to start would also be gratefully accepted!


Thanks for your help in advance guys



Wednesday 06 May 2015 9:52:40 pm

Sorry, I forgot to mention I am using EZ 5.4 community (2014.11)

Wednesday 06 May 2015 11:23:56 pm

Hello Berry,

Your not the first person to ask for something along these lines but ... to my knowledge no such solution has been shared. There are a few reasons for this ..

Typically most everything you would need to create a custom solution like this is basically provided by default. Normally to create what you need you would start by editing the user ContentType / Class and adding the attributes you require to provide for profile information storage. Then you would create custom template overrides for the user ContentType / Class (in bundle or extension design) to display the content stored in the newly added user (ContentType/Class) content object.

This normally is so specific to the website and so quick to create that most people have not seen fit to share an example generic contribution for this need.

For user specific content like pictures, files, videos and articles often people store this content beneath the user content object within folders for each type of content. Be certain to check the 'Container' class option, when editing the class first to be able to store content under the user content object. You may need to customize or create custom content classes (and template overrides) for each of these additional types of user content.

Viewing a user is fairly simple and straight forward too, provided you have assigned the right role policy permissions to the anonymous or member user roles. In a default installation you can view, as an example (remember to adjust role policy permissions to be able to do this).

I hope this helps!


Thursday 07 May 2015 11:38:06 pm


Once again you have given a fantastic level of detail to answer my question. It is really refreshing that you take the time to get me started with the ideas I am coming up with.

I work very well once I get started with things like this, but I do not always know where to begin, and you have been able to tap into what I need. I hope that, once I get more familiar with eZ Publish, that I can do the same to help other noobies starting out.

I am working on something else first but now I have a starting point I will try these out and let you know how I get on.

Thanks again




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