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Module for user pages

Module for user pages

Wednesday 22 September 2010 3:56:12 pm - 1 reply

Hello, I'm am interested in a module, extension, or a way I can handle the following situation. I would like to enable my users to a possibility to manage their own personal pages in form of adding CV, projects, interests and so on... Is there a way to handle this?

Wednesday 22 September 2010 10:31:10 pm

You could create a user_profile class, and give each user permissions to create content objects of type cv / project /etc only in a user_profile of which they are the owners.

Then you need to either let the users create their own user_profile when they log on, or set up a workflow that creates it for them as soon as they register.

You might also want to set up a workflow to check that a user does not create two user profiles.

Technically, you could use the user object as profile page, but by default users are stored in a separate content tree, and this imposes some restrictions - but you can set up site.ini so that new users are in fact created in the main content tree. Take care about that: having user object world readable might have security implications...

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