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MS Word eZ toolbar (or whatever) status

MS Word eZ toolbar (or whatever) status

Tuesday 21 October 2008 5:25:37 pm - 5 replies


For some time we've been shown or told on many occasions about a special toolbar or whatever it exactly is that would make it possible to edit eZ documents (object) using MS Word text editor, or at least import/export. What's the status of that project, in any terms: is it going to be released? if so, when? what does it do exactly?

If I've missed something that is out there available - please point me to it blunk.gif Emoticon

If there's an alternative solution, anything else MS Word and eZ integration, also would be great to learn.

I'd appreciate any help/hints.


Wednesday 22 October 2008 1:05:26 am


Toolbar for MS Office 2007 is not released yet. However ezodf extension support Word conversion for sometime now. Take a look on this doc file for more info.

Note that daemon does not work in Windows environment.

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Wednesday 22 October 2008 7:31:24 am

Hi Łukasz,

Thanks for your reply. I'm rather looking for editorial tool, not an advanced conversion, but thanks for the pointer.

However, any information on when you plan to release the toolbar? And what's the reason for not having it released so far? Is it still being developed, or any political reasons behind it?


Wednesday 22 October 2008 9:09:27 am

Hi again,

I pointed you to daemon installation guide since MS Office 2007 toolbar will require that advanced conversion setup anyway in order to make it work with eZ Publish.

At the current state toolbar is functional, however it requires some GUI polishing, packaging, installation process, documentation, etc. Release will not happen soon I'm afraid. We will announce more details when we feel it is ready.

Tuesday 09 December 2008 11:09:19 pm

Hi there,

Two things:
1) Would it be possible to integrate the toolbar with custom datatypes?
2) Who can I contact personally to discuss some more details about this project? Please let me know on priv.


Wednesday 04 February 2009 5:19:50 pm

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