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OE annoyances

OE annoyances

Monday 21 March 2011 11:27:07 am - 2 replies

Here are some bugs/annoyances in OE that I found to be constantly present:

  • when you put a literal tag or a custom tag at the begining of the text, you cannot get in front of it and cannot input any text before the tag
  • the same thing as above happens when inesrting a table, but with the additon that the table cannot be deleted from the OE field.
  • you cannot copy-paste a custom tag
  • you cannot break (split) a custom or a literal tag
  • if you resize the editor, the curson in the text is gone. It reappears again if you click somwhere outside the OE and then click back in the OE field (it happens here on forum)
  • the link tag sometimes behaves odd, in certain situations it cannot be "broken" so when you type spaces after it the spaces are included in the link. Unfortunately I couldn't catch exactly this one
  • inline custom tags have some odd behaviour. For example like this... Insert an inline custom tag. "Break" the tag by pressing enter in the middle of the tag. Go to the upper line of the tag and press enter. After that you are still inside the custom tag, if you type some text it will be included in the custom tag, which is not the expected behaviour
  • the editor allows to insert objects inside the inline custom tag. In my opinion this should not be allowed (optionally, only allow to insert object with the embed-inline view)

All of this was tested in FF 3.6, I didn't try other browsers.

This should all be reported on issue tracker but before that I'd like to check if this also happens to other users, and if someone experienced other annoynaces like this these.

So please give your comments...

Monday 21 March 2011 12:41:45 pm

* you cannot copy-paste a custom tag

Should be fixed in 4.4, might be unrelated though:

The rest is valid though, suggestions on how they can be solved are welcome.

Monday 21 March 2011 12:54:21 pm

* you cannot copy-paste a custom tag

Ok, confirmed, the copy-paste bug is solved in 4.4.

As for the suggestions, I do have some ideas, but I'll wait for some comments from other users first...


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