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One single form for User website registration and User newsletter subscription

One single form for User website registration and User newsletter subscription

Friday 23 May 2014 6:55:01 pm - 5 replies


I am really pleased to use the CJW Newsletter extension.

To simplify the user subscription to the newsletter, I would like to merge the newsletter/subscription under the user/register page. Actually, the user has 2 different forms to manage his details: that's not really user friendly.

At this stage, I try to remove the use of the newsletter subscription and manage this through a trigger + workflow. But what I see in the newsletter/subscribe.php let me think that's tricky.

Any idea or advice on it?

Thanks in advance.

Modified on Friday 23 May 2014 9:05:34 pm by Senor Zorro

Friday 23 May 2014 9:39:18 pm

You could use an EditHandler and inject the newsletter subscription functionality on the registration form in one step, just put the subscribe API call into the EditHandler's store / publish function.

But be aware of garbage collection if user does not finish registration....

Saturday 24 May 2014 12:13:06 pm

Hi Arthur,

That's a good idea!

Did you ever use this method on the user/registration form?
I am not sure how to deal with that.

Thank you for your feedback.

Modified on Saturday 24 May 2014 12:41:57 pm by Senor Zorro

Monday 26 May 2014 10:40:26 am

If you are talking about ezpublish 4.x then you should have a new datatype called "newsletter" after installing CJW newsletter which you can add it to your user class and everything would be done automatically by that. [if the user selects that, then he/she would be added automatically to subscribers too.]

was it an answer to your question ?


P.S: this is one of the best extensions ever.

Modified on Monday 26 May 2014 10:40:56 am by Amir Koklan

Wednesday 28 May 2014 6:01:27 pm

Hi Amir,

Thanks a lot for your reply. The datatype is really obvious! Unfortunately, it is not really documented.

I added this datatype in my user class.

Unfortunately, I got an issue with this CjwNewsletterSubscriptionType.

Now, when a new user regiter the website I got an error when the user activate his account.

The new user receive his validation email (from user/register.php), click on the activation link, and then the website display the following error (with XDebug on my dev):

( ! ) Notice: Undefined index: list_output_format_array in C:\ez_shopping\extension\cjw_newsletter\classes\cjwnewslettersubscription.php on line 669Call Stack#TimeMemoryFunctionLocation10.0056708560{main}( )..\index.php:020.12948246728eZModule->run( )..\index.php:72330.12998263016eZProcess::run( )..\ezmodule.php:155240.12998263224eZProcess->runFile( )..\ezprocess.php:2150.13088302680include( 'C:\ez_shopping\kernel\user\activate.php' )..\ezprocess.php:4660.170012713536eZOperationHandler::execute( )..\activate.php:5970.172712956488eZModuleOperationInfo->execute( )..\ezoperationhandler.php:5780.175013007552eZModuleOperationInfo->executeBody( )..\ezmoduleoperationinfo.php:21690.177713106288eZModuleOperationInfo->executeClassMethod( )..\ezmoduleoperationinfo.php:529100.177913106704call_user_func_array ( )..\ezmoduleoperationinfo.php:807110.177913106888eZUserOperationCollection->publishUserContentObject( )..\ezmoduleoperationinfo.php:807120.178013107248eZOperationHandler::execute( )..\ezuseroperationcollection.php:208130.183813705488eZModuleOperationInfo->execute( )..\ezoperationhandler.php:57140.184813707168eZModuleOperationInfo->executeBody( )..\ezmoduleoperationinfo.php:216150.302016380120eZModuleOperationInfo->executeClassMethod( )..\ezmoduleoperationinfo.php:529160.302216380584call_user_func_array ( )..\ezmoduleoperationinfo.php:807170.302216380816eZContentOperationCollection->attributePublishAction( )..\ezmoduleoperationinfo.php:807180.339516876856eZContentObjectAttribute->onPublish( )..\ezcontentoperationcollection.php:191190.343817006056CjwNewsletterSubscriptionType->onPublish( )..\ezcontentobjectattribute.php:729200.358217595176CjwNewsletterSubscription::createSubscriptionByArray( )..\cjwnewslettersubscriptiontype.php:226

After tracking the trace, the CjwNewsletterSubscription->onPublish () receive the subscription_data_array without any subscription information (id_array is empty, list_array is empty and list_output_format_array is undefined).

Here's the $dataArray in onPublish():

  [is_new_object_draft] => 1
  [subscription_data_array] => Array
  [ez_user_id] => 6264
  [email] =>
  [salutation] => 1
  [first_name] => Fabien
  [last_name] => Scantamburlo
  [id_array] => Array
  [list_array] => Array
  [existing_newsletter_user] =>


In the database,

- the cjwnl_user exists, but not confirmed (whereas the activation mail is validated)
- the cjwnl_subscription does not exists.

Any idea?


Modified on Wednesday 28 May 2014 6:03:36 pm by Senor Zorro

Friday 30 May 2014 3:46:49 pm


I think I found out the reason. In fact, there are 2 reasons.

In cjwnewslettersubscriptiontype.php, the default $subscriptionDataArr is missing the default ['list_outpur_format_array']=>array(). This will fix the notice error. The second error is because $contentObject->attribute( 'is_published' ) is undefined and returns false... So with the first user publication, we are in the case where the user is $isNewObjectDraft (version 1 and unpublished)...

May be that will help.

Modified on Friday 30 May 2014 3:47:22 pm by Senor Zorro


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