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Online Editor 4.1.4 is worthless

Online Editor 4.1.4 is worthless

Tuesday 09 October 2007 7:18:58 pm - 2 replies

I'm sorry to be complaining here in public about this, but I'm just SOOO tired of trying to use the Online Editor. Every other WYSIWYG editor we use, with Plone, Joomla, Drupal or even *Nuke, allows the user to utilize at least a few HTML tags, and allows the use of classes found in the main CSS. This Online Editor in EZP is totally worthless in that regard, and thus makes adding content a MAJOR pain in the a$$. I'm sick of it, our clients are sick of it, and I must do something about it asap.

Does anyone have a suggestion for how to customize the Online Editor so it allows HTML and custom classes, or perhaps even another (better) editor that works with EZP?

thanks for any and all suggestions.


Tuesday 09 October 2007 8:44:39 pm

Hi "Formative Group",

I think you should read the Online Editor's documentation [1] and in particular the page about the class parameter [2].
If you really want to use HTML, you should have a look at some extensions [3] that add this features.


Tuesday 09 October 2007 10:48:31 pm

Damien, I truly appreciate your helpful suggestions. Thank you for the info.



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