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Password history

Password history

Monday 04 June 2012 12:35:58 pm - 5 replies


I'm new member so apologize for silly question below.

In my company we need password history feature. I have been searching Internet long hours but I couldn't find anything about such function in eZ Publish. Could someone tell me if such feature (may be extension) exist? Or may be there are simply steps to implement this functionality?

We are using eZ Publish 4.0.7.



Monday 04 June 2012 1:47:39 pm

What exactly do you mean by password history?  That all passwords are saved?

Or, that a password expires and you cannot then reuse that same password?

Monday 04 June 2012 2:56:53 pm

Maybe this extension is a good start:

But at the moment the password history function is not implemented yet. But should be easily implement if you only want, that a user do not use an old pwd again.

Monday 04 June 2012 3:08:46 pm

Hello Steven,

Thank you for your response.

What I mean is that when user is changing a password he is not able to set old password (i.e. 8 previous passwords). Like one of password policies in Windows.

Monday 04 June 2012 3:12:54 pm

Hi Felix,

Yes, it is good start but as you wrote there is no password history.

If it is not big problem could you please write in steps what should be modify to implement such function?

Monday 04 June 2012 3:23:20 pm

Hi Wiktor,

you will need a new database table which holds the md5 hashes for the old pwds. If a pwd is expired and the user must set a new pwd you have to check your new db table. In the extension is already a regex check included. On the same place you should do the pwd history check.

- new dbtable

- new php Class (extend from eZPersistentObject)

We already have a customer request with the same issue, but it is not funded yet blunk.gif Emoticon. Your installation is not the newest one (4.0.7.). You should upgrade to 4.4 or above or better to community 2012.5

Cheers Felix

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