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Problem with shopping basket: Automatically adds items to basket on visit

Problem with shopping basket: Automatically adds items to basket on visit

Thursday 03 May 2012 2:59:29 pm - 3 replies


I've recently upgraded an older eZP site to 4.6 which uses the build in shopping basket. When a user visits the site, a lot of items (about 70 or so) are already in the shopping basket for unknown reasons. I have no idea how this happens or even how to debug it. When I click "View shopping basket" all the items disappears, and the basket works as it should when adding new items.

Has anyone experienced anything similar? Any input would be deeply appreciated. Here's the simple code to display the basket in the template:

{def $basket=fetch( 'shop', 'basket' )}
{if $basket.is_empty}
cart is empty
{foreach $basket.items as $item}
display $item

Modified on Thursday 03 May 2012 3:00:07 pm by Fredrik Tidemann

Thursday 03 May 2012 3:04:09 pm

It must be a problem with sessions. When I visit /user/login all the items also disappears and everything works as it should.

Modified on Thursday 03 May 2012 3:06:44 pm by Fredrik Tidemann

Tuesday 30 October 2012 6:33:16 pm

Was this problem solved ever or does anyone know the reason for that? I have the same problem now and the behavior seems so odd and unreproducible. sad.gif Emoticon

Modified on Wednesday 31 October 2012 9:53:15 am by Robert Rö

Tuesday 30 October 2012 6:42:36 pm

I solved it with ForceStart=enabled in override/site.ini.append.php:



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