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problem with the eztags extension

problem with the eztags extension

Tuesday 14 August 2012 1:53:02 pm - 12 replies

Hello everybody,

I have a problem with the tags datatype of eztags extension , where I can't add new tags on the forms of the front end.

you have any idea of what I should do to solve this problem.

Thank you in advance

Tuesday 14 August 2012 2:10:12 pm

Hi Soufian,

what user account are you using when trying to add the tags in the frontend? If you are using an editor account or other account that has no admin rights, you need to allow them tags/add permission to be able to add tags.

Friday 24 August 2012 12:41:54 pm

Hi Edi,

Thank you for your interest,
even with an admin account I still have the same problems,
This is not a problem of roles sad.gif Emoticon

Friday 24 August 2012 12:47:48 pm

Hi Soufian,

What happens when you try to add the tags to object? Do you see the button for adding tags? Does the tags filter work? Any javascript errors?

More details would be useful happy.gif Emoticon

Wednesday 12 June 2013 1:22:23 pm

What happened to this topic? I seem to have the same issue here. Did anyone find a solution?

Wednesday 12 June 2013 1:31:35 pm

Hi Jo Henrik,

can you provide a little bit more details as I wrote in my previous post?

It is very hard to deduce what's wrong without any additional stuff happy.gif Emoticon

Wednesday 12 June 2013 1:54:31 pm

I completely understand happy.gif Emoticon

The eZ Tags works perfect in admin (community version 2012 something), but in front end I have a problem. I edit my article, go to the eZ Tags attribute, input something in the tag input field and click "Add new". The popup for where I select location for the new tag shows up, but the entire window is grayed out so I can't select anything. 

I initially expected that I was missing a JS library, but Firebug nor Chrome devlopement tools show any errors. I am trying as admin user with all permissions allowed.

Modified on Wednesday 12 June 2013 1:57:20 pm by Jo Henrik Endrerud

Monday 17 June 2013 6:25:44 pm

Hi Jo Henrik,

thanks for additional details, I will investigate and will let you know happy.gif Emoticon

Thursday 27 June 2013 3:25:41 pm

Hi Jo Henrik,

I've investigated this issue and I must say I haven't run into any problems. I was testing on eZ Publish 2012.06 with eZ Tags version that came with it and I was able to add new tags in frontend and in backend, both with admin account and editor account which has tags/add policy.

P.S. I'm sorry for the late reply, it was a busy week :/

Monday 01 July 2013 10:19:42 am

That is strange. Do you have any suggestions to how I can debug the problem myself? As mentioned the popup for location shows, but is disabled and cant be clicked. Do you know that the requirements for having this popup enabled is?

Monday 01 July 2013 10:38:06 am

Popup should be enabled if user has access to tags/add policy, but since there's an Add button, this is obviously true.

Does the popup show the tags which are disabled or is it empty?

You can perhaps check out what AJAX calls are performed to fetch the tree and with what parameters and see what's happening.

Monday 01 July 2013 10:53:16 am

The popup looks correct and shows all tags in the tree structure as it should. It is only it being disabled that looks like the problem.

Fetching the tree is done by: /tags/treemenu/0/1372668605600/1372667149/6a20af7ab6e0c1cf8baf95cf487fef8 with response (if needed):

{"error_code":0,"id":0,"parent_id":-1,"children_count":8,"children":[{"id":7,"parent_id":0,"has_children":1,"synonyms_count":2,"subtree_limitations_count":0,"keyword":"akvakultur","url":"\/tags\/id\/7","icon":"\/extension\/eztags\/design\/standard\/images\/tag_icons\/small\/empty.png","modified":1370339310},{"id":10,"parent_id":0,"has_children":1,"synonyms_count":2,"subtree_limitations_count":0,"keyword":"ansatte","url":"\/tags\/id\/10","icon":"\/extension\/eztags\/design\/standard\/images\/tag_icons\/small\/empty.png","modified":1363258574},{"id":8,"parent_id":0,"has_children":1,"synonyms_count":2,"subtree_limitations_count":0,"keyword":"fiske og fangst","url":"\/tags\/id\/8","icon":"\/extension\/eztags\/design\/standard\/images\/tag_icons\/small\/empty.png","modified":1363258531},{"id":64,"parent_id":0,"has_children":0,"synonyms_count":0,"subtree_limitations_count":0,"keyword":"livs blogg","url":"\/tags\/id\/64","icon":"\/extension\/eztags\/design\/standard\/images\/tag_icons\/small\/empty.png","modified":1371412835},{"id":9,"parent_id":0,"has_children":1,"synonyms_count":1,"subtree_limitations_count":0,"keyword":"marint areal","url":"\/tags\/id\/9","icon":"\/extension\/eztags\/design\/standard\/images\/tag_icons\/small\/empty.png","modified":1371416157},{"id":57,"parent_id":0,"has_children":0,"synonyms_count":0,"subtree_limitations_count":0,"keyword":"oppslagstavla","url":"\/tags\/id\/57","icon":"\/extension\/eztags\/design\/standard\/images\/tag_icons\/small\/empty.png","modified":1366287351},{"id":5,"parent_id":0,"has_children":1,"synonyms_count":0,"subtree_limitations_count":0,"keyword":"slik styres vi","url":"\/tags\/id\/5","icon":"\/extension\/eztags\/design\/standard\/images\/tag_icons\/small\/empty.png","modified":1363258315},{"id":4,"parent_id":0,"has_children":1,"synonyms_count":0,"subtree_limitations_count":0,"keyword":"ting du trenger","url":"\/tags\/id\/4","icon":"\/extension\/eztags\/design\/standard\/images\/tag_icons\/small\/empty.png","modified":1371501893}]}

When I enter something in the input field /ezjscore/call/ is requested by a Post where search_string is the content of the input field. The autocomplete works correctly, so I don't think this request is causing any problems.

Monday 01 July 2013 11:37:01 am


The only explanation I have is that this line returns 0 for this.hideTagID variable value. This is the only place where tree menu items are explicitely disabled (it's used at line 88 in the same file). But then again, why does it work in admin interface?

Can you play with that a bit?


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