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Publication multicanal

Publication multicanal

Saturday 13 December 2014 10:50:00 am - 1 reply


nous travaillons sous eZ 4.7 et nous souhaiterions savoir si il existe une extension permettant de publier instatnément un contenu ez sur les réseaux sociaux (Fb, Twitter, G+)

merci d evos retours

Saturday 13 December 2014 10:47:54 pm

Hello Panaye,

In the future you will get more prompt responses if you post here in the forums in english. Even using google translate translations of your questions will help a lot.

Your looking for this solution, I myself have added a lot of functionality to it, it's fantastic and I strongly suggest you try using.

It's a little tricky getting it setup at first (hint, read the nxc blog for articles about how to setup and use). But once you get it working it's an amazing tool that I can't live without.

Here is a French translation using Google Translate:'s%20fantastic%20and%20I%20strongly%20suggest%20you%20try%20using.%0A%0AIt's%20a%20little%20tricky%20getting%20it%20setup%20at%20first%20(hint%2C%20read%20the%20nxc%20blog%20for%20articles%20about%20how%20to%20setup%20and%20use).%20But%20once%20you%20get%20it%20working%20it's%20an%20amazing%20tool%20that%20I%20can'!%0A%0ACheers%2C%0AHeath

I hope this helps!


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