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Quiz in ezsurvey

Quiz in ezsurvey

Wednesday 16 February 2011 9:52:38 am - 2 replies

I want to create quizzes for my site and I was wondering if it was possible to do this using ezsurvey. I'd like to validate the answers given to show a final score, associate the quiz with a user to prevent multiple entries and have statistics on how many people answered correctly.

Can this be done using ezsurvey or should I create a new extension?

Wednesday 09 March 2011 8:46:42 am

I have discovered that you can add custom entry types in ezsurvey by using the ini setting QuestionTypeList. Does anybody have any information about this?

Also: bump

Thursday 10 March 2011 10:47:41 pm

Hi Michael,

eZ Survey allows you to add your own question type so it is possible to do but it requires a bit of development.

I just released an extension that adds a "matrix" type to the question types:

You should find in this extension the information you need to create a new question type.

I'm sure you can even re-use it and with little changes make it work for your specific needs. You would probably just need to store an extra information in the question description which would be for each possible answer the correct one and then in the report just change the logic so that you get a report per user rather than per question.

Hope this will help!



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