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RFC : ezxmlinstaller XML Schemas

RFC : ezxmlinstaller XML Schemas

Tuesday 18 January 2011 5:45:09 pm

I've used ezxmlinstaller a few times, finding this extension quite useful for maintenance and db management when working with staging servers.

Apart from a few bugs and unfinished features, its great drawback is the lack of documentation for the included handlers. So after a handful of XML editing with PHP source opened, i thought it would be best to create XML schemas to document the XML structure of the various handler so that these schemas could be interpreted by my IDE (Eclipse) and help me create my installers without having to check PHP source all the time.

So I came up with a few schemas but I'd like to have feedback from eZ Team members and/or XML moguls before going further away. You can check out the code on my github fork. I wanted to separate each handler in its own schema file and to use a central one (xmlinstaller.xsd) as a main schema, allowing any custom handler in the root node.

Please tell me if the idea is total junk (you'd have to develop on that happy.gif Emoticon and if not how it could be improved

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