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Soap/Wsdl loginhandler

Soap/Wsdl loginhandler

Tuesday 22 December 2009 12:44:07 pm - 27 replies


I'm begining with Ez

Realy good work, powerfullllframework

But to deal whith webservice it's not easy.

I'm trying to activate user login truth a wsdl webservice (the users are in an SQL server 2005)

The WSDL works fine with other systems but not ez.

In forums i saw the ezsoap is not fully compatible with wsdl.

Some topic recommend Nusoap or ggwebservices.But no doc,no explanation no "how to" to create my login function to consume a webservice.

I'll greatfull if i can have some help:

1-which file do i need

2-in which folder to put them (kernel/.... or extension)

3-what Do i have to activate? ( CURL in php.ini ....)


  • Windows+Xampp
  • Php5
  • EZ 4.2


Monday 25 October 2010 1:42:34 pm

@namita 1: you are again mixing two prtocols in your calls! This time jsonrpc and xmlrpc. Please take the time to understand what these 3 words mean: json-rpc, xml-rpc, soap. Read about them on wikipedia.

In short: the server is answering with a jsonrpc response to the client. This response contains an error message. The error message is: "the client sent a request that is not valid according to my protocol".

You should either

  1. change the jsonrpc server into an xmlrpc server, or
  2. in the payload you create in the debugger write some valid json data, not some xml data

@namita 2: if you want to create a webservice in eZP with the ggwebservices extension and consume it from a .net application, you currently have two choices:

  1. use a library in your .net application that speaks the xml-rpc or json-rpc protocols and use that library for the client
  2. wait a few weeks (possibly months) until there is good support for SOAP+WSDL servers within the extension. Currently only the SOAP+WSDL client is there, but I am working on the server implementation. I do not promise release dates, though.

Monday 25 October 2010 2:40:25 pm

Sorry for making you confuse.

I was trying to understand both xml-rpc and json-rpc.

so i was confused.

Thanks for helping.

Tuesday 26 October 2010 2:48:32 pm

It is possible to create a SOAP webservice in eZP, but

- there is limited support for marshaling of native contents

- there is no support for WSDL

To do it:

1. create an extension

2. in it, create settings/soap.ini.append.php and in the file declare your extension to provide soap services

3. in the extension, create soap/initialize.php and add your logic in there (similar to the above examples with jsonrpc/xmlrpc)

Tuesday 26 October 2010 2:55:14 pm

Another solution is to forego completely eZP native SOAP support, and code you server from scratch using custom modules/views. Example code for the view:

        $server = new SoapServer( $my_wsdl_file );
        $server->setClass( $mySoapWorkerClass );
         readfile( $my_wsdl_file );

Modified on Tuesday 26 October 2010 2:55:48 pm by Gaetano Giunta

Tuesday 26 October 2010 3:03:43 pm

Last but not least: another interesting extension for SOAP support in eZP:

Monday 01 November 2010 2:22:29 pm

Hey GG,

Im thankful to you, now im able to use gg Webservice,..

but can you please suggest me how do i consume .net server in ggClient?

It would be so nice of you if you have a look about my question.



Modified on Monday 01 November 2010 2:42:35 pm by Dhaval Panchal

Monday 01 November 2010 2:40:30 pm

hi GG,

I came to know that you are the author of GG web service, great man.!!!

and i have read your posts, i got too much idea about GG web services.

I have used it in php, thanks a lot..!!!

I want one more help from you,

I have one Service in .Net and i want to consume it in php using gg Service client.

can you please help me?



Modified on Monday 01 November 2010 2:51:31 pm by Dhaval Panchal


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