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Some questions about export a package

Some questions about export a package

Wednesday 30 July 2008 10:24:11 am

Dear all:
Could you please help me to resolve some questions about export a package from ezpublish and import it. Thanks very much.
Just as:
1, When i use 'setup->package->create new package->site style' to create a package that contains css and images and then export it as a package in order to import it into another ez system, the new ez system can find the files in the directory, but it does not go into effect and i can't use 'design->look and feel' in the new ez system. Why?
2, if i reset the 'ini setting' in the first ez system(named a). I find i can't export it out to new ez system(name b).How can i export it out?Or it's impossible?
3, I create a new extension in ‘extension’ directory in ez system(name a), for example, it named 'blue', and then i override a temple for extension blue, Then i find i can export the new override template, but i can't let it become effective in new ez system(name b)? The blue directory is as follow:
----------------------blue(folder in extension)
----------------------------design(folder in blue)
----------------------------modules(folder in blue)
----------------------------settings(folder in blue)
Thanks for helping me ..happy.gif Emoticon

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