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Some questions about specifics extensions

Some questions about specifics extensions

Tuesday 10 January 2012 2:28:50 pm - 4 replies



I am working for a large organization and we plan to change our CMS (currently it is a specific internal development). We have some specifics needs and we wish to have your points of view.

Can we extend the ez account management system ?

1. Identification

We have our own account/identification system for the website (not the admin area) and we can't move to a classic system. Especially we can't use a classic role method.

Our idea is to not use the ezpublish method and implements our own accounts management. It means the identification system and the session.


2. Eligibility

Each content can be eligible or not for a user. We are not using a classic role method but some specifics data. Consequently we need to implement:

- before displaying a content, we check if the user can access it

- the writer of the content can configure who can display it. (specifics fields)


3. template editor

Template will be written by peoples which are not developer, we need a template editor: classic text area (not WYSIWYG), versionning, publication, workflow ...


4. translation

We need to export a content in an file (XML or other), then people translate it and we import it. I have seen that currently ez is not doing this but this can be implemented.


5. test/validation/production

Currently we have 3 full environments (CMS + content + applications + servers) and people publish the content/applications/configuration from one to another. EZ do not manage that but we are thinking about giving it up for the content.



Can you help us to know if we can do it, if this is a good idea to use ez, how we can do it (this is easy, hard, can be done with a simple extension ...)

Thank you

Tuesday 10 January 2012 2:33:53 pm

oups I have forgotten the performance.


6. Performance

We have many web sites.

  • 20 000 000 pages displayed in one day for all sites. We can split them into many databases.
  • 5 000 000 pages displayed for the biggest site.

Tuesday 10 January 2012 10:23:49 pm

A couple of pointers:

1. the eZ roles and policies system is flexible enough to do what you ask. I have seen a few sites where eg. a single user account is used to log in all users, and some data is stored in the session holding info about "real user" and its permissions. Not that I think that it is a generally good idea. Can you detail more why you can not go for the "classic" role model? Is it because of what you say in point 2, with too many possible groups being generated?

2. doable. But you'll have to implement custom filtering in the search engine too, to allow users not to find what they can not see and have pagination working. Also consider in eZ there are many urls / ways to access a content, and if you implement content blocking on your own, you should be sure you have blocked all unwanted accesses. Last point: this also has an impact on caches

3. not available afaik, but there is some partner working on an online editor based on ACE, watch out for an imminent release. Not sure about its support for versioning and workflow. But do you really want "non developer" guys doing templates? In eZ, a lot of logic can be put in templates, including cache-control statements. I'd not recommend letting content editors doing templates, but rather have flexible-layout templates...

4. there is an extension in the ez market that will probably fit this need

5. there is an extension in the works that might fit your needs for pushing content around from dev to staging to prod. Not yet for configs / custom developments afaik (but there are some community extensions helping with deployments)

6. nice numbers. Apart from page views, how many new contents are created per hour? And how many users are browsing as anon / logged in?

Wednesday 11 January 2012 9:37:37 am

1. Accounts are not managed by the web team, this is a completely different system and we have more than 1000 cases. Using our own user session will work easily I think.

2. The cache is a big problem with all CMS (even if we create our own).

3. We have a lot of teams: developers, designer, webmaster, ... Currently web page and their layouts are made by the webmaster team. They are "only" HTML/css developers. Off course we will help us to do templates but they will need to manage them. This part is not a big problem, we can develop it if necessary.

4. oki good happy.gif Emoticon

5. oki good happy.gif Emoticon

6. 600 000 visits (not signed + signed) in the biggest site. 50 000 visits during the rush hour. We have 2 new contents by day by site.

Thursday 12 January 2012 10:54:04 am

about point 3: you can not just have "html templates" in eZ.

The process in general involves a web designer providing the html+css and an eZ developer slicing the html and adding to it the presentation logic, written in ez template language. Once this is done, the files do not look like at all like html anymore, as the template-language construct might account for more than 50% of the loc, and a single html file could be split in many different template files. So round-tripping (sending back a template to the html designer for amending) is hard.

Having said that, it is always a good idea to have a versioning system for the template code. And you can use it also for storing the original html from the design team.

Most of the dev shops I know use either svn or git for storing both template files, configuration and custom development code. And adding a web interface on top of those is trivial. Some deploy directly to production using the versioning tool, some have developed custom scripts.

As for IDEs, in you will find quite a few plugins to add support for ez template syntax to common ones. I'd say that phpedit is the one which has currently the best support.


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