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Sqliimport xmlblock ezembed problem

Sqliimport xmlblock ezembed problem

Monday 03 June 2013 12:14:23 pm - 3 replies

Hi Ezcommunity,

I've a strange problem and I'm sure a developer already had this.

I use Sqliimport to imports different type of data. All works fine except a little point linked to xml blocks and external media.

To import my data, I use an external url to retrieve an xml feed (create by me).

In a custom extension, I import my data in an xml block using this code :

  $content->fields->body     = $this->getRichContent( $row->body );

But when I've an image in my xml block, this image doesn't loaded and I've this code in my xml block :


When I build my xml block, I use this code :

 htmlspecialchars($dataMap["body"]->DataText, ENT_QUOTES);

And I've this return for ezembed media :

 <paragraph><embed size="medium" align="center"  custom:lightbox="false" custom:offset="0" custom:limit="5"  node_id="4489"/></paragraph>

I'm pretty sure it's possible to download and display my embed media file even if it's an xml block ?

This problem is present regardless languages.

I import my data with Administrator user rules and policies.

Any idea ?

Thanks for your answer,


Monday 03 June 2013 3:24:47 pm

Hi Nicolas

If you have images in your HTML content, you need to pre-process them in order to integrate them properly (i.e. create image content objects)

Monday 03 June 2013 4:55:47 pm

Thanks Jérôme for this reply. 

I thunk to do this but how can I link this image (with ezembed node_id) to new xml block and new node_id ?

Because when I'll create my image, the node_id will be different from the previous.

I'm forced to handle this update in php (via a str_replace for example) to change the old node_id by the new ? or maybe a real great method exists ? 


Wednesday 05 June 2013 4:55:07 pm


I found a clear solution to my problem with a point not stated in my initial post. 

To resume :

My host provider gave me wrong rules on this server and my shell user can't create images in var folder. 

Well, after a brief modification of these rules and policies, I can create, integrate, update my media as I want. 

This problem is solved for me and I'm sure any developer may find this topic useful. 




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