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user, Imagemagick

Friday 16 January 2009 1:31:48 pm - 3 replies

1) I 'm trying to find what was (the name of) the user used by ezpublish to execute convert.exe...(for Imagemagick)

Could someone help me?


2) if I undestood well, the folder var/storage has to be owned by "www-data". Is convert.exe executed by this user?

3) Is it possible to define which user will be used by ezpublish to execute convert;exe from the ezpublish installation?

Modified on Friday 16 January 2009 2:32:05 pm by florian bellenger

Friday 16 January 2009 5:57:48 pm

The user is the same that runs the webserver process.
You can find it out via the ps command, and cahnge it by editing httpd.conf (if running Apachen ofcourse).
Just remember that if you run cronjobs that will in turn call convert, the current user running the cronjob will then be the obe calling convert at that time

Friday 16 January 2009 7:32:37 pm

Hi. Gaetano said it right, but florian also talks about <b>convert.exe</b>. So, are you using Windows?
www-data is very common in debian or ubuntu distros, but i don't remember that this was the users for windows installations..

Friday 16 January 2009 7:46:03 pm

In fact, the website I am working on isn't on Windows.

Thank you for your this information.



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