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Watermark images location in eZIE

Watermark images location in eZIE

Wednesday 29 February 2012 2:58:34 pm - 2 replies

eZIE documentation describes the steps for adding custom watermarks.

However, I've tried to place the watermark directory in my own design extension without success. The watermarks are visible in eZIE but cannot be applied on the image.
The error log indicates that eZIE expects the watermark folder in its own 'design/standard/images/' directory.
The problem is in the 'image_tool_watermark' class, the variable img_path has hardcoded the path value as the code comments confirm.

I've applied a small patch to this class, read the path from ini settings, and now the watermark function works. 

         // Get configuration INI settings for ezie watermarks
        $ezieINI = eZINI::instance( 'image.ini' );
        $img_path = $ezieINI->variable( 'eZIE', 'WatermarkPath' ) . "/" . $image;

Is there a better way of doing this, am I missing something?     

Modified on Wednesday 29 February 2012 7:51:53 pm by Theodoros Papageorgiou

Thursday 01 March 2012 10:03:47 am

Hi, I made a similar fix allowing to define which extensions contain watermark images. I also fixed a bug with ezcomponents blocking watermark usage.

The patch was made on an older version of ezie and I haven't have time to make a proper pull request yet but you can se the code on

Thursday 01 March 2012 7:17:56 pm

Thanks for the code Benjamin,




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