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Editing the CSS files for the Website interface

Editing the CSS files for the Website interface

Tuesday 24 April 2007 3:41:16 am - 3 replies

I've been developing a site using just the website interface (partly to see just how practical this is). The document

is pretty detailed about how to export and re-import the two css files, but gives little detail about how one should create them in the first place. The files 'live' in


Is it a good idea to edit them in there? Or can you put them in the design directory?

Wednesday 09 May 2007 4:37:45 am


The files do "live" in the area you specified.

You create them with a text editor and apply CSS classes to override the design.

Using the packages as described in the documentation allows you to create a nice design that is easily applied to a site, although assembling the package each time you make a change may get tiresome.

My recommendation is to first get the images in order. Then edit the CSS files on the server until you are happy with the look. When you finish - export the package for reuse.

Good luck.

Friday 18 May 2007 2:04:36 am

Thanks Betsy,

I have realised since my original posting that I had a permissions problem which was preventing me from editing the files in the var directory. That's fixed now.

I think there is a hole in the documentation here though. The website interface is supposed to be easy eZpublish, after all.

Sunday 24 February 2008 12:55:49 am

Another way of doing it so you don't affect the original files is to create a style package through the admin interface.

setup > packages > create new package

the site-colors.css & classes-colors.css can even be blank at this point.

Then, once it's created you can FTP the CSS files to a local folder that is created at


Just a bit safer and definitely quicker than uploading the style again when you make a minor tweak happy.gif Emoticon


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