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How to insert image in the forum post?

How to insert image in the forum post?

Sunday 14 December 2008 12:15:58 pm - 3 replies

Hi, there

I installed <b>eZ Publish 4.0.1</b> with <b>Website Interface 1.3-1</b>. I want to paste image in the forum post. Furthermore, I want to paste external video, such as YouTube. Is it easy to realize? If so, how to do that?

Looks like the <b>ez OE MCE 5.0</b> is really coming along! Will these features be realized?


Best regards!


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Wednesday 03 June 2009 11:57:00 pm

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Thursday 04 June 2009 10:33:13 am


If you want to insert pictures directly into forum posts and replies, you should change appropriate datatype to <i>XML block</i> (by default forum classes use <i>text block</i> datatypes for message text). After this user will be able to insert picture as a embedded object into his/hers posts. Of course, you must also define appropriate policies for creation of image objects.

Alternatively, if you do not want to give your users all the functionality XML block attributes bring, you could add an additional, image attribute to forum post and reply classes, by which users could upload pictures attached to their posts.

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Saturday 01 August 2009 7:43:22 am

I too wonder if i get a solution for this, coz all forum editor has some options but here i couldn't find.


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