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Is there any Real Editor with all necessary functionalities?

Is there any Real Editor with all necessary functionalities?

Monday 09 March 2009 10:37:26 am - 5 replies

Hi everybody,

I'd like to know if there is any real editor which offers all necessary functionalities for beginners or people who are not very used to the non friendly custom tags.

From my point of view, it's not very easy to have to change colors of text or font family or font size using custom tags. The changing is not rendered directly in the Editor and you must use a preview or publish the article to get the result...

Some of the editors I've tried do not even respect the common formatting you've declared. For example, I've been using a table with pictures in the first line and text under each picture in the second line and I was astonished to see that the text was not aligned under each picture (as if it was centered) without any button enabling to align the text according to your needs.

In a few words, what is really missing is a real word-like editor. I didn't understand why most of the editors have buttons like "bold", "insert picture" but cannot offer other so used buttons like color of background color or left/middle/right/justify aligning.

Maybe my newbie status made me miss some absolutely necessary ways of use and that's why I'm asking help, in order to make my web site more friendly user for the people who will have to work on it day after day.

Many thanks to the people who will reply to this post.
Best regards

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Wednesday 18 March 2009 2:48:26 pm

It's really what I'm looking for but no answer was given to me concerning this...It would have been so cool to have an online editor which allows everything you need ... but why should we make it easy when it's so cool to make it hard sad.gif Emoticon

Monday 28 June 2010 5:08:50 pm


I have an extension which aims to make the Online Editor more user friendly. It's very alpha but is being used happily in a couple of production sites:


Tuesday 24 April 2012 11:47:57 am

You can easily add new functionality to the online editor located under extension EZOE. The base of the editor is Tinymce, and you can already put more functions open in ezoe_attributes.ini.

Friday 27 April 2012 12:27:11 am

Hi Mahmoud, it is possible to render changes directly in the editor. See the following forum topic: (with thanks to Stevo).

Wednesday 26 December 2012 2:34:14 pm

I apologize if I am a little off the topic, but I think limiting the editor has the advantage of making the site content presentation more consistent.  If you find you have common content you would like posted, for example describing product, consider creating a custom class, with the name, description, image, and other attributes.  Then you can make a template and styling which will make it easier for editors to post information.


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