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menu unreadable by IE6

menu unreadable by IE6

Sunday 01 February 2009 9:51:41 pm - 1 reply

The menu in websiteinterface is unreadable by ultracrappy IE6. The menu looks black and/or white. Totally bad.

There is a stylesheet provided, but I cant see anything there targeting the topmenu:

My websiteinterface is version 1.3.0

I had to stop a release because of this, partially because the useage on IE6 on my target audience was terribly high. Much more than I anticipated. Its 3-4 municipalities in Norway.

I need a minimal IE6 fix just to get the menu workable.

I guess other users of webin has experienced this problem aswell.

Any suggestion how to fix this?

There is no issue on this as far as I can see so I will add one, but maybe its fixed in 1.3.1 or 1.4.0 ?

Modified on Sunday 01 February 2009 10:09:47 pm by Erland Flaten

Monday 02 February 2009 3:26:49 pm

By adding blue color to the element you see under and in the IE6 CSS exeption rules in:

div#topmenu div.topmenu-design {

At least its not white text on white background on the blue theme of websiteinterface anymore.

But there still is a black background(?) on a element. Screendump at:

The black colour disapeares when mouseing in and out of the buttons, but I cant see where the black come from. It could be of course one of IE6 many outlandish renditions.


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