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Problem with ezwebin and website tooolbar

Problem with ezwebin and website tooolbar

Sunday 30 August 2009 1:42:59 pm - 1 reply


I've a big problem, really. I've installed a version 4.1.1 of EZP and asked my web hosting provider to do the same and when I tried to assign the roles to my editor users and give them the rights to use the website toolbar to edit their articles, I noticed that there was no website toolbar module !!! More over, the ezwebin module itself is not listed in the dropdown list of modules (as it the case for example for ezoe, ezflow, content etc...) . I tried to check the coherence of files using the admin console option present in Administration Menu, but here is the message I get:

La base de données ne correspond pas à la base de données de la distribution.

Afin de synchroniser votre base de données avec la distribution, exécutez les commandes SQL suivantes:

DROP TABLE ezm_block;
DROP TABLE ezm_pool;

It seems that the version of my local database which I restored on the one which was initially installed by my provider are not the same...But when I logged on for the first time on the database of my provider (before making my restore) it was written EZPUBLISH 4.1.1 in the header banner of the console (exactly what I had on my local computer)...

How can I fix that and get back my rights on ezwebin module and website toolbar ?

Many thanks.

Sunday 30 August 2009 4:05:30 pm

I found what was the problem for my toolbar. Curiously, and I think that there must be a missing in the installation packages of version 4.1.1 (stop me if I'm wrong), but the website toolbar is not enabled by default as it was the case in previous versions. I had to add these lines in my module.ini.append.php in the extension folder :


And now it works.


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