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Where's the Worldpay Extension?

Where's the Worldpay Extension?

Tuesday 23 February 2010 2:45:37 pm - 3 replies

I swear there was a Worldpay extension on here somewhere??!?!?!... can anyone point me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance happy.gif Emoticon

Tuesday 23 February 2010 9:29:22 pm

Hi Andy,

Have a look at, it's from VisionWT. I'm not sure how up to date it is though. You might want to check with it's developers for that.

Regards Robin

Wednesday 24 February 2010 11:42:42 am

Thanks Robin.

I'll take a look at it happy.gif Emoticon

Wednesday 24 February 2010 12:44:44 pm

Hi Andy,

in eZpedia you can find a listing of many existing payment gateways:

Greetings, ekke


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