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XrowCDN what does daily cronjob does?

XrowCDN what does daily cronjob does?

Monday 24 September 2012 4:04:46 am - 1 reply

Hi. Does anybody know what does the daily cronjob for XrowCDN extension does?

There is something corrupting my innodb every night and Im almost possitive it is the daily cronjob when it runs... Now I only have the XrowCDN on it... Im not sure in which other way the daily cronjob could be damaging the database... all other functions in the daily cronjob I have disabled them but still corrupting my innodb.


This is essentially the code for the daily cronjob from xrowcdn:

$cdn = xrowCDN::getInstance( );
$newtime = new DateTime();
// We don't update the distribution here
# $since = xrowCDN::getLatestUpdateDistribution();
# xrowCDN::updateDistributionFiles( $since );
# xrowCDN::setLatestDistributionUpdate( $newtime );
// We don't update the distribution here
$since = xrowCDN::getLatestUpdateDatabase();
xrowCDN::updateDatabaseFiles( $since );
xrowCDN::setLatestDatabaseUpdate( $newtime );
$cli->output( 'Cronjob xrowCDN finished...');

Would I need to run this for Amazon CloudFront?

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