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Cannot update and publish content type

Cannot update and publish content type

Friday 03 February 2017 10:46:05 am - 2 replies


I have an issue while I update a content type, I can successfully add new fields definitions, however I cannot publish this new content type. Checking logs, I’ve got PHP error Error: « Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded ». I tried to increased with no luck.

Then I made a (Symfony) command where I am fetching the draft content type and publishing. Code below:

 // Firstly I loggedin as admin

$contentTypeService = $this->repository->getContentTypeService();

$siteContentType = $contentTypeService->loadContentTypeByIdentifier('site');

$contentTypeDraft = $contentTypeService->loadContentTypeDraft($siteContentType->id);


The script ran for a few minutes but it stopped on memory exception limit which is set to 4G !

Anyone has any idea why this happen? I never had this kind of issue on eZ Publish 4.x. 

Project was installed when eZ Platform 1.2 was released and I’ve updated at every new release, so now I’m at 1.7.

Saturday 22 April 2017 5:07:14 pm

How many content objects of that content type you have? i think this is the problem.

Friday 30 March 2018 11:35:16 am

php -d memory_limit=-1


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