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(Editor experience) Parent in multiple locations and their sub items

(Editor experience) Parent in multiple locations and their sub items

Thursday 07 April 2016 12:24:56 pm

Hi all,
this is going to be some sort of philosophical question about content structuring in eZ. We are trying to move our internal production master to eZ v6, so we also try to avoid some pitfalls we had on the past:


When we are creating a site, we often have the requirement to display the same page/content on multiple positions of the homepage. We usually use the locations feature for this, e.g. we tell the editor to first go to the most fitting part of the content tree for the new item, and create the item there. If the editor wants to manually feature a certain item on the startpage, we tell him to go to the locations tab and add the startpage as an additional location for this item. We use the same approach to assign an item to multiple topics, e.g. a news article's primary location might be in the folder "(root)/news/prodcut_news/" and might have an additional assignment to the "(root)/news/company_news/" folder.


The advantage is that we can use the inherent tree structure of the content repository as taxonomy and we can automatically create the navigation menu based on the tree structure. On the frontend/in templates we always use the main location of a page to fetch sub items of the item (e.g. a news article with an additional picture gallery as sub-item) and to avoid duplicate content for SEO.


The problem is that in the admin interface it's not very visible that a certain item is just a side location of another main item. E.g. an editor has created the news article "grand_opening" in "(root)/news/company_news/" and added the startpage folder "(root)/" as an additional location. Later he wants to add a picture gallery of the grand opening, so he goes to "(root)/grand_opening" and tries to add the gallery there - which leads to quite a confusion when it isn't showing up. It's even worse when trying to edit existing sub items, which are simply not found in the best case and copied/duplicated (and out of synch) in the worst case.


And generally, the concept of additional locations seems elegant for a developer like me, but not very intuitive to our clients (most of them are small companies, and the website is just a part of their business, we don't have professional journalists/writers using the CMS).

So... how to you handle issues like this? Are you using stuff like "highlight this item on the startpage" checkbox fields? (Seems like a bad idea to me, especially when required to highlight different types of content). Is it a bad idea to use the locations feature for taxonomy and rather use something like eZ tags? (But how do you create navigation menus and manage manual/priority ordering of items in tags?)


Any input and ideas based on your experience are welcome,

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