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Extending PlateformUI - View

Extending PlateformUI - View

Wednesday 20 January 2016 12:44:57 pm - 2 replies


I'm creating my first extension on eZPlateform and I'm very excited about it. Everything was great until view step , define a view template:  https://doc.ez.no/display/TECHDOC/Define+a+View#DefineaView-Usingatemplate  :

Y.eZ.TemplateBasedView is not defined (unresolved variable in PhpStorm)


So in my console I have an error : Error: extend failed, verify dependencies . I don't find the dependency name. Everything works in previous step when I use 

Thanks for your help

Thursday 21 January 2016 9:53:59 am

I forgot to replace ez-view by ez-templatebasedview in yui.yml and that was in the documentation. But the template requirement is not precised :

 requires: ['ez-templatebasedview', 'bbseodashboardview-ez-template']


I made a mistake placing my templates folder in the wrong folder (in /js) and errors are not really explicite ... So let's continue

Modified on Thursday 21 January 2016 9:59:00 am by Boris Bruyère

Monday 25 January 2016 5:21:07 pm

Hi Boris,

I'm happy you found the reason for your issue. If you find issues or things that can be improved in the documentation, please report an issue in https://jira.ez.no And if you want to provide some tips or advices, feel free to drop a comment on the corresponding page.



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