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ezPlatform - new Version - Blog does not display Blog Posts

ezPlatform - new Version - Blog does not display Blog Posts

Sunday 24 September 2017 6:51:38 am - 2 replies

Hello community and Developers,
I've done it for the first time, the ez Platform in the new version to install.

My problem is that under no blogposts are displayed. But when I publish blogposts in the backend under /ez, they are published completely normal, but it is displayed in the frontend nothing.

What I oversee or how can I fix the problem. Does anyone have an important hints or tips?
Thanks in advance.

Modified on Sunday 24 September 2017 6:52:01 am by Alexander Liebrecht

Tuesday 26 September 2017 7:18:20 am

Hello Alexander,

Welcome to the eZ Community!

Congratulations on your first installation of eZ Platform!

I am not sure without digging deeper but might first suggestion would be to check the anonymous role policy permissions (in the /ez admin). You might need a policy to allow anonymous users access to content of type 'blog_post'.

You may also need to check the templates used to ensure they are requesting the content correctly and thus displaying the content correctly.

I hope this helps!


Tuesday 26 September 2017 12:23:01 pm

Thanks for the welcome in the forum.

Yes, finally I could install ezPlatform on shared hosting.
I now show you the screenshot with the role "Anonymous" and I think that everything is in order.
Limitations I have only on the section 1, where also content is published.

Something I oversee and I certainly do not know what exactly.


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